Marine Zuloyan

Artist - Painter

Marine Zuloyan
September 7 to 23, 2023

Olympia, WA, at HARLEQUIN Productions

Artist Reception Thursday September 7, 5:30-6:30pm

202 4th Avenue East, Olympia, WA 98501

Exclusive collection

Marine Zuloyan


Marine Zuloyan photo

Artist-Painter, Marine Zuloyan was born and raised in Etchmiadzin (Armenia) in 1970. From young age, she started drawing and painting fairy tale characters with color pencils and gouache.

"I could sit and be busy all-day long. My mother noticed my dedication to it, instead of playing outside with other kids, I would stay home to draw and paint. She decided to register me to an art school."

Marine Zuloyan started to attend to the well-known artist in Armenia, Kagik Hagopyan's class at the Tadevosyan's School of Arts in Etchmiadzin for five years.

In 1987 after high school, she got accepted to the Faculty of Fine Arts at Yerevan's State Pedagogical University.

"With the care of my teachers Onnik Hovhannisyan, Stepan Grigoryan and Azat Harutyunyan, I developed great passion and deep love for art. They would constantly follow every piece I was drawing or painting, every sketch, portraits, always guiding me and showing techniques, always encouraging me to continue, to work more and more and that kept me always on the art ground."

In 1992 after graduating with master’s degree in teaching art and drafting, she started working at the Etchmiadzin College. During five years of teaching painting, drawing, art history, decorative painting and drafting, she also improved her professional and artistic skills. She continued painting and selling her works.

In 1997, receiving scholarships from both St. Basil Foundation-Anglican and Armenian churches, Marine Zuloyan and her husband moved to Toronto to study Art History, English and Theology at the University of Toronto.

Upon graduation in 1998, they moved and settled in Montreal. Since her arrival to Canada, Marine Zuloyan is constantly painting and participating in many exhibitions across Canada, United States and Europe. She works with different medias such as oil, acrylic, watercolour and pencils. Her art represents women, flowers, nature and portraits.

"By visiting many great museums and seeing many masterpieces, I got inspired by Paul Gauguin, Henry Matisse, and André Derain. These fauvist artists inspired me the most, their colourful works had a huge impact on all my paintings. But the main root of my art comes from my background, from my armenian cultural heritage. Women in my paintings always have their national identity, they're wearing lace veils, headdresses, and jewelleries. Their dresses always have some elements from national costumes. All that comes from stories that my grandmother used to tell me about her past, how they were dressed, and what they used to do. I collected all those memories and put them on canvases."

Marine Zuloyan won her recognition thanks to her hard work, her talent and her diligence. She actively participates in charity events. Hundreds of Marine Zuloyan’s paintings were sold. Many works were auctioned and profits were transferred to charitable foundations. She continues living and working in Montreal. Her paintings adorn many private collections in Canada, in USA, and throughout the world.

About Marine Zuloyan's art

by Dr. Haroutyun Arzumanian
Armenian art cultural magazine 4(18)2006

"The first individual exhibition of the young artist Marine Zuloian from Canada took place at the Tekeyan Center on September 9-11.

The first impression at the exhibition hail is like entering into a beautiful and paradise-like world. Although dark green color dominates in Marine's works, it is gently counterbalanced with red and yellow tints, making an impression of the impenetrable depth of nature and time. There are no screaming colors: no shaking oppositions, portraits have classic simplicity and majesty, everything is peaceful and peacemaking. it is like a call to live in harmony with nature in this chaotic world.

With these qualities Marine has created her original style. It is close to the acknowledged "naif" style, and has its seal on her works: they have childish innocence, purity, and sincerity. There are no inner fights or emotional cataclysms. Even the trees, flowers and fruits reflect the beauty of simplicity, just the way they are. Especially women characters are expressed with typical gifts, kindness of saints and affectionate glance, prompting us about the life given by the nature.

The visitors of the exhibition confirmed that Marine's art was comprehensible and enjoyable for the public."

by Chris Klimantiris
Prestdent/Director of Galerie Klimantiris

"I met Marine Zuloyan a number of years ago when she came to my gallery to show me her works. I was immediately fascinated by her enormous talent. The purity and beauty of her paintings cannot be denied. Her elegant and well-thought-of compositions are breathtaking.

Avid art collectors were also smitten by her works resulting in numerous sold-out shows in my gallery.

I can say without hesitation that today Marine Zuloyan ranks among the truly talented artists which assures her a permanent presence in the world of art.

To have worked with Marine Zuloyan has been one of my greatest joys."


Marine Zuloyan's Exhibitions

Solo exhibitions

  • 2023 - Harlequin Productions - Olympia, WA USA
  • 2023 - Wagner House Art Series - Windermere Mill Creek, WA USA
  • 2023 - Lakewold Gardens - Lakewood, WA USA
  • 2022 - Armenian Museum of Fresno - Fresno, CA USA
  • 2018 - Association Culturel Hamazgayin - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2017 - St. John Armenian Apostolic Church - San Francisco, CA USA
  • 2017 - St. Andrew Armenian Church - Cupertino, CA USA
  • 2017 - Zorayan Museum - Burbank, CA USA
  • 2017 - St. Mesrob Armenian Church - Ottawa, ON Canada
  • 2011 - Zorayan Museum - Burbank, CA USA
  • 2008 - Gallery Klimantiris - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2006 - Tekeyan Armenian Cultural Association - Montreal, QC Canada

Duo exhibitions

  • 2014 - St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Cathedral - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2012 - Bolsahay Cultural Association - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2011 - St. Vartan Church - Vancouver, BC Canada
  • 2009 - AGBU - Montreal, Canada
  • 2003 - Sanahin Cultural Association - Montreal, QC Canada

Group exhibitions

  • 2022 - Armenian House - Redmond, WA USA
  • 2022 - Lakewold Gardens - Lakewood, WA USA
  • 2017 - "Shield of Athena." Annual Art Auction - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2016 - "Art in Fall" - New Milford, NJ USA
  • 2015 - "Art in Fall" - New Milford, NJ USA
  • 2014 - "Art in Fall" - New Milford, NJ USA
  • 2013 - "Color and Form Society." Open juried exhibition Etobicoke - Toronto, ON Canada
  • 2013 - "Art in Fall" - New Milford, NJ USA
  • 2013 - "Xieme Salon Lyonnais" - Lyon, France
  • 2013 - Sanahin Cultural Association - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2012 - "Art in Fall" - New Milford, NJ USA
  • 2012 - Bolsahay Cultural Association - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2011 - Canadian Arm. Association for Performing Arts - Vancouver, BC Canada
  • 2010 - AGBU - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2010 - Tekeyan Armenian Cultural Association - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2009 - "March 8, international women's day" - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2007 - "Armenian painters" - Canada – Armenia.
  • 2004 - AGBU - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2003 - Sanahin Cultural Association - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2002 - "Armenian painters" - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2001 - St. Gregory Armenian Cathedral - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 2001 - Tour Exhibition - New York, Toronto, Montreal, QC USA-Canada
  • 2000 - AGBU - Montreal, Canada
  • 1999 - "Le Circle des Artistes Painters et Sculptures du Quebec" - Montreal, QC Canada
  • 1998 - The Lebovic Gallery - Toronto, ON Canada

Photo Marine Zuloyan
Yevkine de Greef & Marine Zuloyan

Photo Marine Zuloyan
Marine Zuloyan, Arto Chakmakchian, Karo Alexanian

Photo Marine Zuloyan
Marine Zuloyan

Charity and Fundraising Donations

  • Shield of Athena. Annual Art Auction - Montreal, QC Canada
  • Hayastan All Armenian Fund - Montreal, QC Canada
  • Armen Quebec Alex Manoogian School - Montreal, QC Canada
  • Bolsahay Cultural Association - Montreal, QC Canada
  • Diocese Of The Armenian Church Of Canada - Montreal, QC Canada
  • Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) - Montreal, QC Canada
  • Saint Gregory Armenian Cathedral - Montreal, QC Canada
  • Holy Cross Armenian Church - Laval, QC Canada
  • Tekeyan Armenian Cultural Association - Montreal, QC Canada
  • Kuper Academy - Montreal, QC Canada
  • North Star Academy - Laval, QC Canada


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